Friday, March 26, 2010


I ask you, what is the most unbelievable thing about this picture?

Doesn't this fudged "reality" seem more plausible than the actual truth?

Winnipeg fans finally get their Jets back as long as they promise to wear shades to every game...or 3D Hockey!!?

Are you kidding me?

So now the sport is SO weak that we need to resort to trickery and gimmicks to spoon-feed it to the non-hockey markets?

The game is already MORE than entertaining enough, just as it is.

I mean what next, pucks that look like fireballs?! C'mon!!

Anything, but to simply admit that maybe a few too many "fans" just don't understand nor appreciate the game.

Meanwhile in Phoenix--and don't get me wrong, it's great that they have had a better season than the NHL Jets ever did--the GOOD news is that the Coyotes are ONLY going to lose $25 million this year!! Break out the champagne - better make it Baby Duck.

I happened to be in the States for the Olympic Gold Medal game this year. I was lucky enough to meet up with the ONLY other Canadian in the bar. While we were both angered about that late Team USA goal in the 3rd, we also both marveled at how long it took for the Americans in the bar to even realize what had actually happened! I swear, about 20 seconds went by before a collective cheer broke out. They didn't even know why they were cheering...except that they had earned another shot at a Gold Medal.

And when Canada did eventually squeak out the win, I didn't even hear a single groan! It was business as usual on both sides: We asserted our dominance in our nation's top sport, and they ordered another round.

It only makes sense that Hockey should be played where the Hockey fans are!

Luckily, while we're waiting for a team in Winnipeg...we have a little high-tech hockey of our own going on to help us pass the time:

"I guess I wouldn't mind seeing ONE game in 3D," I whispered...

I hope the Jets comes soon!



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