Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Do NOT give the CHIMPS hockey sticks!

So...chimpanzees were smarter than the New Jersey Devils up until 1995?

"The Trap" reached prominence with the New Jersey Devils' 1995 Stanley Cup victory.

Just prior to this, Teemu Selänne had his Record-Breaking Rookie Season with the Winnipeg Jets - He scored 76 goals in the 1992–93 NHL season. (He is ALSO the holder of the Rookie Point-Scoring Record with 132 points.)

Thanks to the chimps--and incidentally, the New Jersey Devils--this Scoring Record by a Rookie will likely hold for our lifetime...and then some. The incredible goal-scorers of today are hitting around 50 goals a season...and this isn't their Rookie Season that we're talking about!

In the video below, chimpanzees show how to implement the Trap to perfection.

Watch the AMAZING video:

Don't feel bad New Jersey fans - think of your team as "the missing link" between chimps and the rest of the NHL!

The real beauty of this, is that Teemu helped to secure the Winnipeg Jets' place in history (correction: Helped it to be MORE secure!)...and a big "THANK-YOU" goes to the chimps AND to the New Jersey Devils for implementing the Trap so effectively.

Who knows how long the record would have held without the over-use of the Trap, but with it, this Teemu Selänne/Winnipeg Jets record is fairly secure...wouldn't you say?



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