Sunday, March 21, 2010


Probably the most rocking song about hockey...ever. 'Big League,' by Tom Cochrane, may have more heart? '50 Mission Cap,' about Bill Barilko of the Toronto Maple Leafs, was more popular. Stompin' Tom never rocked like this...and that song about Wayne Gretzky by 'The Pursuit of Happiness' was awful...Gretzky did 'rock', but that little ditty certainly did NOT! No offense to Moe and the gang, I will acknowledge that the TPOH album 'Love Junk' was one of Canada's best! Anwyay, there is a slew of bands that have pretty good hockey songs...OK, how about that this is DEFINITELY the most rocking song 'ever' (whispered sheepishly) in the 'Dale Hawerchuk' genre?!

I'm including the 'translated' version of 'Dale Hawerchuk' that I found as well. There are some amusing lines that add to my appreciation of the track. The translator could use some translating help himself...but you get the idea.

"if I'm alone in front of the net, I swear to you I put this f'n sh*t top net"

This is the type of funny line (nice rhyme guy!) that makes me believe that this guy actually plays hockey...compared to someone like Gord Downie and his hyper-cerebral musings. BUT, Gord was a goalie in minor hockey and he played for a bantam team which won an Ontario championship in what do I know.

Ah Screw it, I'm going to try to write a tune about Morris Lukowich - I feel confident that it will (also) be the most rocking tune in its umm...genre.


PS. The Quebec Nordiques moved to Denver to become the Colorado Avalanche before the 1995-96 season. The primary reason was financial. The Canadian dollar was only worth about 0.70 U.S., so the salaries were very expensive since they are in American dollars. In addition, Quebec City, though very loyal to hockey, is quite small. I'm not sure what the populations at the time were, but Quebec City is currently around 500,000 while Denver is around 5,500,000. To spell it out, that is 11 times the population of Quebec City.

PPS. As a result of the (current) poor economy in the U.S., several American teams are on thin ice. (Hockey puns are my biz...and biz is good.) The Loonie is kicking ass and only looks to improve: Michael Woolfolk, Senior Currency Strategist at BNY Mellon, said that he expects the Canadian dollar to hit parity by midyear and rise to $1.10 U.S. by the end of the year. Even though the salary cap is somewhat high, there has to be a better chance of consistently bringing in revenue in Winnipeg over some of the current franchises that are south of the border. The times are changing in our favor and it appears to have strongly increased Winnipeg's chances of getting another NHL team - still named "the Jets," of course!


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