Sunday, March 21, 2010


Bobby Hull 1972/73-1974/75
Rudy Pilous 1974/75
Bobby Kromm 1975/76-1976/77
Larry Hillman 1977/78-1978/79
Tom McVie 1978/79-1979/80
Bill Sutherland 1979/80
Tom McVie 1980/81
Bill Sutherland 1980/81
Mike Smith 1980/81
Tom Watt 1981/82-1983/84
Barry Long 1983/84-1985/86
John Ferguson 1985/86
Dan Maloney 1986/87-1988/89
Rick Bowness 1988/89
Bob Murdoch 1989/90-1990/91
John Paddock 1991/92-1994/95
Terry Simpson 1994/95-1995/96

Jack Adams Awards:
1982 - Tom Watt
1990 - Bob Murdoch




  1. As a hockey fan I was giving some thought to all the recent media attention Winnipeg has been getting in regard to having the Coyotes return to Winnipeg or the Thrashers relocating there. It then occurred that it's a real possibility and that they'd likely be called the Jets.

    Ok, not to be mean at all but the Jets really did have awful logo after awful logo. I then searched the web for fan redesigns and rebrands and photos. everything I found, even contest winning designs seemed pretty bad and that's opinion, sure.

    Now here's what I thought as a fan and a fan of old classic looks to uniforms, especially for Canadian teams; instead of trying to create a logo with a Jet or the word, "Jets", how about a design based on a RCAF logo? Pay the licensing fees and work with the Winnipeg 402 Air Force Squadron crest? ( I'm thinking the one to the left.

    It has a classic look. The word Escadron on it is perfect in that it means a squadron air force unit comprising 18 to 24 aircraft. I mean how many are on a hockey team? Just change the, "We Stand on Guard" to "Jets Hockey Club" and you could pretty much leave it as is. Ok, maybe replace the light blue with a dark blue to match the uniform but it looks great, is an homage to the RCAF and it's Winnipeg regiment and looks old and traditional.

    I'd love to hear feedback.

    Thanks, Kirk S.

  2. Appreciate the thought behind your post, Kirk.

    People love the Jets' 80's logo internationally. It is still very popular on merchandise and consistently sells out in Winnipeg.

    Sometimes simple is better (especially for logos) and in my opinion, the 80's logo is great, ALL things considered.

    Think of the old Hartford logo or even the old Atlanta logo (with flames)...these are classics!

    Thanks for the post!



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