Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How Many Ways Does This Wikipedia Screenshot Rub You Wrong?

I wonder why some franchise facts are mentioned and others are not? The great Winnipeg records are included, yet the Winnipeg Jack Adams winners are not mentioned...and the Winnipeg Captains are not mentioned? I might be uninformed on NHL/Wikipedia protocol--is it just my paranoia, or do the franchise entries ONLY mention Winnipeg Jets history when the Yotes reality is simply too unimpressive...

Bryzgalov is now gone and he was turned upon by the Phoenix establishment as fast as he could pack his bags--see Todd Walsh's speedy June 7th tweet: "...And playing the role of aloof goalie....made me ill. His team mates deserved better..." Or, have a look at Jerry Brown's words of the East Valley Tribune : "The guy who disappears into protected areas of the dressing room when he has a bad night, leaving his teammates to take the bullets and defend him."

How sad would it be for the Yotes' ONLY franchise record to be held by this disloyal, Phoenix-fleeing goaltender!?

Staying in character, the goaltender's outspoken opinion of Winnipeg has been negative and ignorant...and yet here he is, tarnishing a list of our beloved Jets: He is the sole Phoenix contribution to the record-holding history of our old franchise! Speaking of feeling "ill"....

Back in Winnipeg, we are still waiting on our new NHL team name. It has been made clear by Bill Daly that the Winnipeg Jets stats and records will stay with the franchise in Arizona. I believe that History belongs where it is made, but I understand that this would be a complicated fix for the NHL! It would be a nightmare to deal with and it would lessen the credibility of the NHL to go against their own protocol--they have done enough conceding lately, don't you think?! ;)

While TNSE can't (presently) take back the recorded history of our old franchise, they CAN legitimately right a few wrongs: Naming the team the Winnipeg Jets would be a great start! The more time that goes by, the more that Winnipeg's hockey history will be lost in Phoenix--or perhaps more likely--in the NEXT location that the franchise ends up in. Or...what happens if the league contracts? I'm not suggesting that it will...but anything seems possible these days!

A lack of foresight is what killed Winnipeg the first time around!!

Winnipeg has just won a 16-year war to get back into the NHL! They say that History is written by the victors...maybe we should take advantage of that!

Go Jets Go



P.S. I believe that all NHL fans in Winnipeg should support our new team, regardless of the name. It just won't be as much fun if it isn't the Winnipeg Jets!


  1. Good post.

    I think people are taking Bill Daly's comments about "the Jets history stays with Phoenix" lying down, though

    Who cares what the NHL says our franchise record is? What True North should do - right after naming the team the Jets - is lift the Hull, Hawerchuk and Avco Cup banners in the MTS centre (the NHL can't control controls our WHA banners anyway)

    What's the league going to do? Ask us to stop? Screw them. It's our history. We can tell our story the way we want. And the story of those jerseys and banners belong to our city, not to some clown show in Glendale.

    For a good example of this kind of thing, see the English story of how AFC Wimbledon won the return of the old Wimbledon FC's trophies when the team moved to Milton Keynes.

    Take back the Jets.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Antonio!

    I completely agree with you about the lying down part...AND the Clown Show as well!! If Winnipeg can get a team back, these little details should be child's play.

    I wonder (though) if the NHL didn't absorb the WHA rights when the leagues merged...not that it should stop us from doing as we please as far as banners go.

    Hull IS in their "ring of (dis)honor"...yes, I spelled "honour" THEIR way.

    I will have to Google your example! Thanks

  3. On Wimbledon moving to Milton Keynes (the first time a team had ever moved more than a couple of miles in English history) - the wiki entry is reasonably good: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relocation_of_Wimbledon_F.C._to_Milton_Keynes

    On the creation of the new, community-owned team to keep football in Wimbledon (initially, nine levels down from where the old team was, although with five promotions they are getting close to their old level), just check the AFCW website: www.afcwimbledon.co.uk

    On the eventual return of the silverware by the renamed MK Dons (derisively known throughout England simply as "Franchise") to the Wimbledon, see here: http://www.wsc.co.uk/content/view/4623/29/


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