Sunday, February 21, 2010


Ya think someone is dangling a Salisbury Nip over his head?
Insert the John K. Samson line here for the easy assist.

Unlike the Jets, The Guess Who were Number 1 in 'the BIG league'. Granted: Maybe they weren't the 'coolest' band of all time: I always imagine Randy Bachman eating Kubasa and cheese cubes for some reason - a tasty idea...but not quite the coolest visual that I can think of. Plus - and don't get me started - wasn't Randy a converted Mormon? So now, on top of this Ukrainian 'feast,' my mind's eye is now forced to gawk at Glenn Beck trayin'-up with the boys over at the Paddlewheel...with that peppy staff lurking in the background! I get religion (a bit more) when you are born into it, but converting AND staying cool??!

So uh...yeah, 'cool' is out. For all that I know, Mormonism could very well be 'THE WAY'...but don't tell me that it's COOL!

To try end this HUGE digression (sorry), I think that maybe Samson's character was wrong on both fronts: The Jets were Number 1 in the WHA (if you count this as a BIG league - yeah, you probably should)...and while the Guess Who might've been a little too heavy into the nips and sausages for this fan's liking (not really - I'm equally guilty), I just don't think it's accurate to say that they sucked.


PS. For the non-locals, a review at TRIPADVISOR.COM described the Paddlewheel as featuring "Bland food, bland surroundings and a demoralized staff" um, book ahead!

Another review gave the restaurant 3 stars and then went on to mention that he/she hadn't been there in 35 years...for 2 stars, this person holds out for 50, or what?!

It looks like it was still open as of '08? I don't really know, to be honest.

Bands like the Guess Who played gigs and hung out there in the 60's - it was truly a big part of the first music scene in all of North America to embrace the British Invasion Rock/Pop music.


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