Friday, December 2, 2011

Winnipeg Jets vs. Phoenix Coyotes Highlights - FINAL: Jets (1) Coyotes (0)

Well, for a low-scoring game, this one was entertaining as Hell! The Winnipeg Jets were on display with some impressive passing (Little and Wellwood come to mind). The game was a candidate for the most memorable Jets game of the year, thus far. (Yes, the high-scoring Philly game is a tough one to forget as well!)

Everyone knows that Winnipeg fans were chomping at the bit to host the Yotes and the game at MTS Centre failed to disappoint!

The booing was unrelenting (when the Yotes had the puck)...and some might say, in bad taste. I think it was just another opportunity for the Winnipeg fans to vent their frustration that had accrued over the past 15 years.

You don't see a standing ovation and booing for the same player (within minutes) too often, do you!? Not sure what to make of the #DoanEffect.

Were some of the fans just drunk/young/having (negative-based) fun?


Did the booing help?

It's hard to argue that it didn't...

>> @DangerousHockey << (a noted Atheist) pointed out that the Hockey Gods were obviously present at the MTS Centre to assist Pavelec with the #PhantomSave late in the 3rd.

Would the puck have gone in without the mysterious bounce? I don't think so: Ondrej was playing great and was "there" for this play. He seemed to wildly miss the puck only because of the strange bounce. Regardless, most Jets fans are likely quite relieved to (only) have to contemplate this thought in a hypothetical manner...whew!

"Everyone knows that Hockey Gods exist," says (stone-faced) Rocco of >> <<

(His in-laws are happy to hear that he is finally acknowledging a higher power.)



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