Friday, November 18, 2011

Winnipeg Jets vs. Philadelphia Flyers - Game 20 - Interviews

Unfortunately for Ilya Bryzgalov, the fans in "Vinnypeg" might not pay too much attention to this video clip. I think he may have waited a bit too long to offer his apology...

I always dislike that "I am sorry IF I offended anybody" type of apology...even from someone that has trouble with the English language. Back when his original comments were made, he came across as ignorant and (incorrectly) bashed the city for not being up to his standard...THAT is what he should apologize for...

That said, I (personally) can't hold a grudge for too long; the guy seems kinda harmless...and he is trying to set things straight. Nonetheless, he will still be mercilessly BOOOOOOed tomorrow afternoon at the MTS Centre.

It will be the kind of booing that the fans opposed to literally wanting his head on a platter, if that makes him feel any better?!

A Winnipeg Jets win would surely feed the beast (the fans)...until next time!

Chris Pronger, Daniel Briere and Peter Laviolette look ahead to Saturday's game against the Jets. the game on Saturday at MTS Centre.

Ondrej Pavelec looks forward to a better outcome than the last time the Jets faced the Flyers.

Evander Kane looks towards Saturday's game against the Philadelphia Flyers



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