Sunday, May 16, 2010


Any self-respecting Jets fan must oppose this!

>>> Not crazy about any of these either... <<<



  1. Thats the rumor I hear. Phoenix moving back home!

  2. The COyotes are the Jets.

    Perhaps the uni's are bunk but the Falcons are a name with pride and steeped in history.

  3. nordiquesmith at gmail dot comJune 7, 2011 at 3:32 AM

    the Falcons? there are two seasons in manitoba: winter and july 7th, so i doubt any falcons are inhabiting there....this name and uniform would be a serious boot to the head

  4. I like the winnipeg falcons. Connects with the history of team that won first Olympic gold medal in 1920. Like the jerseys too.

  5. Winnipeg Falcons or the Manitoba Ice Bears, Polar Bear easy logo to market, not as wimpy as Manitoba Polar Bears. KM

  6. They all suck! Call them the Winnipeg STAB or the Manitoba Maulers. More representative of the city. We are, btw, the murder capital of Canada aren't we?

  7. Is that Atlanta Falcons, Springfield Falcons, Pfeifer U, Fairfax, Akron, Bowling Green, Riverdale, North Texas U ... or those guys from the early 1900's that played about 8 games a year? What a Bogus choice that would be!!!!!!!!

    That's what you call a team when you have no other choice! We can steal logos all day long cause how different can you really make a talon-ed bird look, eagles, falcons, YEESH!!!!
    Guess we all have to mind our own FALCON business!!!!


  8. Go JETS Go!!!!!! thx for the comments!


  9. I like the name, as long as we dont throw "Manitoba" in front of it. Jets are gone, let's start anew

  10. The Winnipeg Mighty Wind

  11. Looks like the poll on this site is running 65% Jets, 10% Falcons and 5% Moose.
    So the owners will probably not pick the Jets, that would be a smart move. The fact they are even considering Manitoba Moose shows they do not have the smarts needed.
    That has name recognition alright - as an AHL team.
    It is not an NHL name, which Winnipeg Jets does - pure and simple.
    I'm glad Winnipeg has its team back. I don't live there (I live in Ontario) but we have a lot of connections there, and it's good to see a team there again.
    Congratulations Winnipeg.

  12. Sorry that last post may have sounded a little fuzzy -- I meant to say that Manitoba Moose is not an NHL name. Winnipeg Jets is an NHL name, and that is the logical choice. As 65% of the people have said.

  13. Go jets go! Glad they kept the name. I like the Falcon name though, in the end, what the people want is what the people want.


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