Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Winnipeg Jets vs. Toronto Maple Leafs - October 19th, 2011 - Jersey Giveaways

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  1. twitter handle: freshair_04

    I was too young to remember the jets the first time around but when the rumor mill was churning out that they could be back in less than a week I was excited. Me and my grandfather would wake up every morning, turn on tsn, watch highlights, and pray to the hockey gods that today was the day the boys came back to town. Then a week later we were at the forks having a blast with all the other jet heads.

  2. Perfect @freshair_04...as easy as that!

  3. My story is pretty simple. I was unceremoniously transplanted from Manitoba to Ontario when I was 15 years old (back in 1984) and had to leave my beloved Winnipeg Jets behind, only to see them likewise move to the hockey-unfriendly desert a few years later. Their return to Winnipeg is nothing short of a dream come true. The 2011-12 season cannot get here soon enough. I'm sure a tear will be shed at the first official puck drop for the newly formed Jets in the MTS Centre.

    Anyone who knows Westerners knows that they are programmed to not be particularly fond of Easterners especially those from Toronto. I will say that my initial dislike for the people of Toronto has softened over the years. However, I continue to this day to be a strong advocate against the Toronto Maple Leafs. When asked, as I often am, who my favourite NHL team is I've always answered either "The Jets" or "Who's Playing the Leafs Tonight." The Leafs, for their part, have made it easy to cheer against them over the last 43 (and counting) years. Of course, many of my Ontario friends maintain a strong, almost cult-like love for their Leafs, that fuels my distaste as they are given false hope that gets dashed year after year.

    If pressed to pick a second favourite team I would likely go with the Habs and point harken back to the Winnipeg Jets first entry into the NHL Jets/Canadiens games were "Tuxedo Nights" out of respect for the fabled Montrealers. No such reverence was bestowed when the Leafs came to visit.

    In short, I already have bets placed on the new Jets making and advancing in the playoffs ahead of the Leafs. Seeing them play head-to-head this coming would be a second dream come true. I know these comments won't gain me any favour with wewantacup.com, but old habits are certainly hard to break as they will no doubt understand.



  4. Even though it has been 15 years since the original Jets had moved, I still remember how the fans embraced the team and how they tried to keep it in Winnipeg. Unfortunately, it didn't work out and recall the city being in a state of disbelief, heartbreak and disappointment over the loss of the franchise.

    I would later at a past job get to record a copy of the original Jets' final game and then the Phoenix Coyotes' first home game. I could see the transition between the cities. Memories of seeing that loud crowd all in white cheering on the Jets is a lasting memory for even those that aren't even Jets fans... livecalls by Pat Foley on FOX Sports that include Norm Maciver's goal that ended up being the last one in original Jets history will never be forgotten. Same with the postgame goodbyes while the players circled the ice at Winnipeg Arena one last time.

    In the years that followed, I kept hoping that one day there would be a rivalry born between the Phoenix Coyotes and new Winnipeg Jets team. It was a long shot at the time. I always kept telling people I hoped for Winnipeg's return to the NHL and bringing back the old Jets name. The Coyotes I have felt could do just fine as their own identity and build a more successful history. At the same time, having both the old and new teams collide would be fun in today's NHL. It's not bitter yet between the Stars and Wild since they've never met in the playoffs yet. Still an old vs. new rivalry... Hockey fans north of the border would love to see a return of the Nordiques vs. Canadiens rivalry one day, too.

    Now that the new Jets have arrived, that dream has been realized. First, the announcement hockey is back in Winnipeg. Then the team name. Then the unveiling of the logos and colors. Now, it's a matter of the first game being played. I have already spent money to collect all the important newspapers covering the milestones this summer of Winnipeg's new era of hockey.

    I plan to see the very first game on television away from home, but will get to record history. No matter what happens on October 9th, the one thing I'm glad what will come true... NHL hockey back, the Jets playing at MTS Centre and hopefully a new chapter will be written.

  5. I was always a huge Jet Fan before they left and once they moved to Phoenix I could not follow them anymore so I cheered for the Maple Leafs. When the Jets left I was young and sent money to try and save them. I am so excited they have returned our Winnipeg and our amazing province of Manitoba.


  6. I have grown up being surrounded by the sport of hockey. I started playing at the age of 8 and as a ten year old girl I thought I was going to be the first girl to play in the NHL.. little did I know as a ten year old that wasn't going to happen. Now, at 23 I haven't exactly accomplished my goal of playing in the NHL but my younger cousin is now representing my dream and his own at the age of 18 with none other than the Winnipeg Jets. I have grown up watching Mark Scheifele play the game that he, and myself, love so much. Joking with my brother and cousins we would always say one day one of us would make it to the NHL and now Mark is accomplishing everything he has worked so hard for. This has been the most exciting past 2 years for our family watching Mark make leaps in his hockey career. I unfortunately have been living in Holland for the past year and while all of my family back in Ontario is able to share the excitement with each other I try my best to follow through emails with my family, the internet and streaming Winnipeg games live at the early hours of the morning (6 hour time difference!) Either way I could not be more proud of my cousin and the fact that he is a part of the return of the Winnipeg Jets. This is only the beginning to heaps of success for Winnipeg and for Mark :)


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