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Or, how about the media stop writing articles trying to get the fans to stop trying to name the team the Winnipeg Jets! It clearly isn't working anyway--there is new story/angle for you! If you don't care what the team is called, then you can simply sit back and watch the show put on by those that do!

There are a few mistakes being made in this campaign to stop the Jets brand from returning.

First off, in this article, it refers to "clinging to memories from a bygone era", it isn't a bygone era, it's bygone ERAS! The WHA, NHL 80's and NHL 90's Hockey in Winnipeg were (nearly) completely different from one another...but they are all remembered as Winnipeg Jets Hockey memories. How else could you celebrate The Golden Jet and The Finnish Flash in the same sentence?!

No brand in Winnipeg's history has ever had a bigger global impact. No other hockey brand will ever sell as well. Which brings me to the 2nd mistake: The "merchandise be damned" comment. Has anyone ever seen a bigger advertising campaign for a Winnipeg Hockey team than in the last few weeks? This story has been everywhere and all you ever see is the Jets Logos on OLD-styled jerseys. Not only will people want NEW-styled jerseys, they will also want NEW player jerseys...throw in a NEW logo and those sales will destroy any Moose or Polar Bear sales--GUARANTEED! You might ask, "What if people can't afford new merch; won't they just wear their old merch?" Well, to be honest, they will wear it anyway, but if they really can't afford new merch, they probably won't be too much help in the ticket sales department either!

The 3rd mistake is in regard to the "new chapter" point. The new generation that will star in this new chapter weren't even self-aware when the NHL was last in Winnipeg. Yet all the footage/news that I am seeing/reading about has these kids decked out in old Jets gear? Aren't chapters just part of a book? This new generation could be compared to Martians, when it comes to experiencing NHL Hockey in Winnipeg. What if Martians were to come to Earth next week, and they demanded to learn about Winnipeg Hockey at its finest? Well...I don't know about you, but I would be handing them the book about the FRIGGIN' WINNIPEG JETS!!!!!!




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