Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Yotes Diva in Denial....

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She wouldn't post my comments below:

"’re looking at $100 million in losses versus $500 million losses. Hmm. A betting man would take the former, to be sure. Only a crazy gambler would risk losing the half billion..."

Seems to me that same "crazy gambler" ALREADY risked losing the half billion, and did. It's not like this is the first sign that things were heading in the wrong direction after around 15 years. Was this not degenerate-like gambling at some point BEFORE the $500m total?

You should also factor in that the terms are now worse than before: You are expecting that the habits of the same people (that helped create these numbers) are going to improve now that they will be burdened with EVEN MORE (parking) costs??

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results...

What do you call doing the same thing (but worse) and expecting BETTER results? I won't be so rude as to tell you what I would call it.

GWI was created for this very scenario: Your Mayor and cohorts are flat-out guilty of going against your constitution - and who should know better than these very people!? The "gambling" that you referred comes with a penalty in your State - it is not a freedom of choice-like scenario. Plus, it isn't just your money that you are gambling with here...I seem to recall something about Gretzky getting stiffed somewhere along the way??

The COG WILL be sued as a result of this type of action...and a blind man can see that they will be found guilty of the charges.



PS - This was written before the announcement that COG is going to sue Goldwater - that should be rich!

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