Sunday, January 9, 2011


This is still not a dead Glendale nor in Atlanta.

Skip to 4:22.

What a drawn-out drama!




  1. What a joke, why do these so called insiders keep raking peoples hearts over the coals? The NHL specifically Gary Bettman has gone on record saying that there is a list of potential cities to move teams to and Winnipeg is not at the top of that list. The team may move but it won't be to Winnipeg or their substandard arena.

  2. We DO have a serious investor in Winnipeg. This is more than most cities can offer. The rest can be fixed. The MTS Centre is positioned to do better than several current above-average arenas (with some feasible changes). I do admit, it needs to be better - it could be part of the process to grow into a new arena. As I say, the money is there! In the end, something is better than nothing...and nothing could come pretty quick for teams like the Yotes and Thrashers.

    It is important (like anything in life) to keep reminding the NHL that the Wpg market is serious and patiently waiting...should an opening present itself.

    If you want to talk about jokes, take a look at the smoke and mirrors going on in Glendale - it's unconstitutional for starters! Beyond that, the whole deal seriously lacks any financial logic!

    Thanks for the post.


  3. Melt down is only a matter of time in Phoenix. The Arizona economy is devastated with high unemployment and a non existent real estate market - basically worst hit in US along with Nevada.
    Downturn is now hitting states and municipalities hard with many jurisdictions including Illinois, California, etc. seriously considering defaulting on municipal bonds and pension obligations to Police, Firemen, teachers....

  4. Thx for the post Vinnie - AGREED!


  5. Go jets I would be the first buy season tickets for the jets and by the way I want a basketball team too come 2011-2012 season we may have both as the kings are moving they may head to Winnipeg. Hopefully we get both here in Winnipeg.
    I got some names for are new teams
    NHL = jets
    NBA = Rams

  6. Hey I would like a MlB team too just saying the name for would be the Winnipeg Winners I can want get all 3 sports here In Winnipeg by the year of 2018


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